Saturday, February 11, 2012


Back in September, I didn't have a blog. Now that I do, I can unabashedly post pictures of my trip to a place I had been dreaming of visiting - ever since watching a travel show about it.


Plitvice National Park (pronounced plitvitza)
When Jami (another of my favorite people) invited me to go along with her, I jumped and screamed at the chance, well maybe not screamed, but definitely jumped. Her friend Blanka is from there and invited her to go, stay with her family, and see some of the country.

I tried learning a few phrases in Croatian, I now can't remember anything but "good night". I, however can still remember how much I loved that country. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The forests and the Adriatic Sea are amazing. The people are kind and friendly. I felt totally safe. And they make some killer donuts, especially fresh while your sitting on the beach. Truly nothing better than fresh donuts while laying out. And no need to feel self-conscious about eating a donut in your bathing suit. There's plenty of 300lb 65 year old women in bikinis - and they don't feel self-conscious at all! Neither did the old men in speedos. In fact, I think it's just Americans who aren't comfortable in their own skin.

Anyways, here's some more pictures to enjoy.

Produce stand in Motovun


  1. I love the sunset picture! Amazing. I would love to go to Croatia.

    1. thanks Brittany, it's a beautiful place!

  2. Lucky you! What an amazing vacation, and I love these photos. I agree with Brittany, the sunset photo is awesome! Great capture! and the color of the water in the last photo is gorgeous!