Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Being Crafty!

Sometimes I just get into this crafty mood, which is better than a shifty mood I suppose. I just get this urge, or need, to make something. A while back I found this lil’ tutorial on The Beauty Department for making headbands. I thought it was INGENIOUS! You see, I often find myself gravitating toward the hair accessory area of your local H&M or Forever 21, and I also often find myself totally disappointed with the selection. You see, I just want something simple, yet pretty. I don’t want humongous fabric flowers adorning my crown, or migraine inducing tight metal headbands. I just want whatever it is that I want, and usually I don’t find it.

So to get back to my point of post, make your own stuff. That’s what I did. Here’s what you do, you brave your local fabric store – watch out for Joann’s Fabrics on a weekend, you’ll be there for 5 hours minimum – and you head over the to notions & trims aisle. You pick out about 18 inches or so of some pretty little trim you would like to have on your head. Then you grab some elastic banding of some sort. Then you proceed as follows. You can see the original tutorial from TBD here or just see what I did below. Please note that I do not make any claims to be a seamstress or have any sowing skills. I sow rough, really rough. But you know what, I don’t care. I live dangerously like that.
Step 1: buy some pretty trims
Step 2: get out your sowing stuff
Step 3: measure around your head, then leave out about 3 inches for the elastic.
Step 4: pin the trim to the elastic
Step 5: sow it on! Any way you know how.
Step 6: admire your hard work!


  1. You should pin this. Cute! Where's mine?

  2. i am so glad im friends with such a cute and crafty person :) my headband looks great on you!

    1. haha, I had to try them all on of course :)