Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You wanna go where everyone knows your name

Aroma Cafe in Studio City, CA
Well maybe not everybody knows my name, but it feels that way. This little café in the Tujunga Village of Studio City is overflowing with charm and coziness. You feel like you’re at your cute old aunt’s home and she just whipped you up some yummy blue velvet cake and iced herbal tea. This place is filled with locals enjoying a hot cup of coffee, a delectable slice of cake, a perfect cobb salad, or a juicy burger.
What would you like to order?
All the while people are working on scripts, discussing their relationships, updating their blog, or just watching the pooches hanging out with their humans. There’s a tiny little bookstore stocked with the newest reads and classic novels. The fireplace flickers in the old den while old friends sit with a cup of hot chocolate and reminisce about their youth. It’s like one of the scenes out of some 1990’s Meg Ryan movie. It’s a real place though, full of real people living their lives, but savoring the moment.


  1. what a cute little cafe. I love places like this.

    1. thank you Cheery! I love your blog by the way, great style :)

  2. Looks like such an adorable little cafe! Thanks for sharing. Xo

  3. this sounds like the most adorable place ever! i must go, especially if you reference a 1990's meg ryan film!!!! ;)
    xo TJ